FNC Entertainment Set to Debut their First Boy Dance Group “Neo School”

FNC Ready to Debut Their Male Dance Group


FNC Entertainment had first revealed their plans in August to debut a dance focused male group and seems like the day for FNC to step into the world of male dance groups is here with the debut of their boy group who are assumed to be named “Neo School”.



Housing successful bands like FT Island, CN Blue, AoA and N.Flying and solo artists such as Juniel, this is the second time FNC Entertainment is branching into something different with the first being the debut of their successful girl group, AoA.

The members of the new boy group will be revealed during the FNC Kingdom Concert in Japan on December 12th . It has been reported that a special video teaser of the new group will be shown during the concert along with the teaser homepage releasing on December 12 KST and the group’s official homepage will be up on December 14th.

After their success with the female dance group AoA, fans are excited to see what the new boy group will bring to live up to the expectations of their successful seniors.

So has FNC’s new male dance group got you excited yet?


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