FNC Rookie band ‘N.Flying’ to debut on May 20th


The official countdown for FNC Rookie, New trend Band ‘N.Flying’ debut has begun. They are set to make their official debut in Korea with their debut Album “Awesome” which will release on May 20th. The individual’s teaser image will be revealed via teaser site at midnight.

FNC N.Flying to debut on May 20th {kpop-india}FNC Rookie band ‘N.Flying’ to debut on May 20thFNC N

N.Flying are not new to the music scene especially in Japan as they have already made their debut there in 2013. The members consists Kwon Kwang Jin, Lee Seung Hyub, Cha Hun, and Kim Jae Hyun. Kwon Kwang Jin is most recognized as the former bassist of CNBLUE, having dropped from the group after its debut in 2009

N.Flying’s impending debut in Korea will mark them as the first group FNC has debuted in the country in three years since AOA, following FTISLAND and CNBLUE. The rap rock band was initially scheduled to debut in Korea in 2014, however, leader Lee Seung Hyub suffered from a knee injury which postponed it. However, the remaining members continued following solo activities, such as drummer Kim Jae Hyun appearing in the SBS weekend drama Modern Farmer.