FT ISLAND says ‘Where’s the truth?’ with their comeback album!



Guess whose having a comeback the next week?

After the release of their 5th Korean studio album I Will’ last year, FT Island is all geared up this time for their 6th studio album ‘Where’s the truth’.
The album consisting of 9 tracks is slotted to release on 18th of July along with music video of the title song ‘Take Me Now’.

Throughout this week, FT Island continued to tease the fans with various teasers photos named as ‘truth’ and ‘false’ versions though their official website. The highlight medley revealed that all the members took part in the album production.

Check out the teaser to ‘Take Me Now’ music video here
Personally I think this is going to be a brilliant comeback for the band!
Here’s a bit insight to the album.

Track List:13697135_1292917974066850_3124947642018510880_n {kpop-india}FT ISLAND says ‘Where’s the truth?’ with their comeback album!13697135 1292917974066850 3124947642018510880 n

Truth Teaser:

13627206_1289898894368758_8168282164189916341_n {kpop-india}FT ISLAND says ‘Where’s the truth?’ with their comeback album!13627206 1289898894368758 8168282164189916341 n

False Teaser:

13669811_1291266050898709_4486269593427843857_n {kpop-india}FT ISLAND says ‘Where’s the truth?’ with their comeback album!13669811 1291266050898709 4486269593427843857 n

Don’t you think the guys are getting the fans all excited with these teasers?
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