Full MV for JYJ’s Yoochun’s “How much love you have in your wallet” released!

Yoochun releases his first ever solo song!


JYJ’s Yoochun is currently serving in the military and will be discharged only next year but like his fellow member Jaejoong, he has a gift for his fans even though he is still in the army!

Park Yoochun has released a mini album name “How much love you have in your wallet” and the music video for the title song with the same name was dropped today. The song is a soft ballad and the soft and husky voice of Yoochun is an icing on the cake to the perfect melody of the song! So, if you have been missing him and his amazing voice, this song will give you all the feels and perfectly make your day!

In the song which he wrote himself, Yoochun wishes happiness for everyone around the world and he also expresses how hard our parents work hard and grow older as we grow up. In the music video, it is shown that the job or work one does may be nothing to some, but it means the world to people who work hard in spite of many difficulties and try to be happy with the small amount of money they earn and bring happiness to their family.


We are totally in love with the song. Yoochun should probably make his official solo debut once he returns from the military! Don’t you think so?


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