F(x) “STATION” On Air!!


All Mine, the rainbow
All Mine, the ocean
All Mine, even the sun…

F(x) is literally conquering the world in their new release for SM STATION, “All Mine”. The music video for the same was released on July 21 and is directed by none other than Amber herself. It features individual videos of the members while at SM Town live tour in Japan.

Made at FreeGifMaker.me {kpop-india}F(x) “STATION” On Air!!14692092852029286

Using a mirror to check my face is too mainstrem… let me use the camera while it’s still recording

The girls are all looking gorgeous while cheerfully roaming around in the corridors, concert dome, outdoors and parking area?? 

Made at FreeGifMaker.me {kpop-india}F(x) “STATION” On Air!!14692097642029255

Amber- Try rocking a plain white shirt better than me…I challenge you 😛

Luna- I’m a free bird….catch me if you can.

Victoria- You think it’s just the song lyrics??? Bitch I actually rule the world. Bow Down to me.

Krystal- I can look stunning while goofing around in a parking lot…Beat me!!*flips hair*


The song is catchy, full of EDM beats but still melodious somehow. (Gonna bang my head to this song, till it falls off)

Made at FreeGifMaker.me {kpop-india}F(x) “STATION” On Air!!14692088972029246

If you haven’t yet, listen to the song Here


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