f(x)’s Krystal Reveals She Has Thought of Herself as “Overweight” in the Past


f(x)‘s Krystal recently discussed a moment in her a career where she felt she was overweight.

Krystal is famous as a top visual for her model-like proportions, and she has constantly been listed as one of the most beautiful people in the industry, with other celebrities citing her statuesque figure as the ideal.

However, the singer admitted that she hasn’t always thought of herself as a “top visual” and has felt “overweight” in the past. According to her, she gained excessive weight during 2014 while f(x) was promoting “Red Light”. Krystal remarked that it was “the heaviest point she’s ever been in her life.”

However, Krystal looked still as beautiful as now when we look at photos of her from the “Red Light” promotions!

DKPop India

Meanwhile, f(x)‘s last comeback was with “4 Walls” in October 2015.


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