G-Friend release official MV for “Rough”

G-Friend is Back!


G-Friend who recently completed their one year anniversary is back with their 3rd mini album “Snowflake” and has released their official music video for the comeback title track “Rough”.

The girls revive the wintry feeling as they wait for their loved one in the cold landscape often feeling down. With a burst of snow, the girls revive themselves and go off running to each other and feel warm and happy in each other’s company.

The lyrics of the song talk about a young girl who is unable to express her feeling to the one she loves and the girls of G-Friend perfectly capture those emotions with their solid vocals and glimpses of strong choreography that the group is particularly known for.

Keeping their fresh and innocent vibe, the girls of G-Friend are back with another mini-album which is very much reminiscent to the 90’s girl group era.

Have you checked out the MV yet. Let us know what you think about G-Friend’s comeback.


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