G-Friend releases concept photos for upcoming comeback “Snowflake” + Tracklist revealed

G-Friend releases concept photos for upcoming comeback!


After taking the K-pop world by storm in 2015 with their innocent and pure image, Source Music recently announced that rookie girl group G-Friend are all set to make a comeback on January.

G-Friend recently released a number of pictures on their official Instagram account to create a beautiful snowflake, giving us a taste of the concept the girls would be taking on for their comeback.

G-Friend has now officially released concept photos for their upcoming mini album. It seems the girls are still carrying on with their innocent concept as they look beautiful and innocent dressed up in simple navy and white coloured school uniform. With bright smiles everywhere, the girls of G-Friend seem ready to make their “Snowflake” comeback.

The girls of G-Friend are also paired up for their concept photos showing off their adorable friendship and chemistry in their couple pictures. Check out their pictures below.


G-Friend is reportedly all set to make their comeback on January 25th. Stay tuned for more updates.


G-Friend has released the details of their third mini album “Snowflake”. The mini-album consists of 6 songs and one instrumental. The girls of G-Friend will be returning to the music scene with their title track “Rough”. Check out the tracklist below.

1. Intro (Snowflake)
2. Rough (title song) [Korean words: Time Is Running Out]
3. Say My Name
4. Luv Star
5. Someday
6. Trust
7. Rough (instrumental)


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