Ga In Surprises Fans with the Release of Two Singles

Check out Ga In's Christmas Gift!


Brown Eyed Girls’ talented maknae, Ga In has unexpectedly released two singles as a Christmas gift for her fans. The songs dropped on December 22nd via their official youtube channel.

The first song released is a peppy single titled “When It Hits Midnight” which features Ga In’s soft and amazing vocals along with instrumentals perfectly fitting the chilly weather of the winter season. Ga In’s vocals provide warmth and excitement blending the holiday season.

The second single released features a surprise artist which is none other than the talented and quirky solo artist Eric Nam. Putting a twist in the old classic Christmas single “Must Have Love” by SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Joon ; Ga In and Eric Nam’s vocals seamlessly come together to form a smooth collaboration full of romance and love.

This is not the first time Ga In is performing “Must Have Love”. In 2006, Ga In had released this song along with Kim Yong Joon as a collaboration creating perfect harmony with the veteran singer. The song reached number 1 on many music charts and was one of the first hit songs of Ga In since her debut in 2006.

Ga In has delighted fans with the release of the two songs filled with love and romance, which is quite a turn from her usual solo releases which are more on the sensual and darker side like her last solo venture “Paradise Lost”.

Did you enjoy Ga In’s Gift? Which song captured your heart? Comment below.


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