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The phenomenal rapper Gary has just dropped a new music video “Lonely Night” featuring the beautiful “Emergency Couple”  lead Song Ji Hyo and Rapper Gaeko.

The video starts off with a crowded city zooming by as Ji Hyo walks silently plugging in her earphones. Music comes to life as she climbs the stairs to her “secret mountaintop”, a terrace with the entire city’s view. She smiles a little and gazes at it.

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Night turns to day and her alarm clock rings. She wakes up slightly exasperated and her squirrel is seen running on the treadmill tirelessly. Hurriedly she readies herself and leaves for work plugging in her earphones again.


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The scene shifts to Gary recording the song, sighing, drinking some water. The scene again shifts to Ji Hyo’s office who is getting lectured by her boss. Gary looks helpless and tired as he tries to come up with something new.

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Ji Hyo’s work papers all fall to the ground but not one person tries to help her out. Instead, one lady accidentally kicks her obliviously. Just when she’s about to leave from work she gets dumped with a whole new load of files.

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She gets a text from her friend asking her to meet another friend of hers for a drink. Frustrated, she leaves for home, only to go home and work some more. In the end, she’s at her mountaintop again, looking down at the hustle bustle and lights of the city.

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What I really liked about this MV is that it is so relatable! All of us have at some point been frustrated with our lives, our work. But we all have that secret escape that puts us in our right mind again. Though their professions are different both Gary and Ji Hyo face challenges, but at the end of a tough day they find their escape through music. The tiny squirrel scene somehow caught my attention. To me it feels like we are caught in this endless chase always running after something bigger, something better. But one day after the other it’s still the same. The lyric “We must succeed, no, be happy,” speaks for the entire video. It’s not all about how successful, or how rich and famous you are in life. It’s also about how satisfied you feel at the end of the day. While he was having a hard day, someone else was unwinding to his music with a smile. No matter how frustrated they get, life moves on, the next day arises as a clean slate, and music is always there to keep them company!


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