iKON receives ‘I Miss You So Bad’ track as a debut gift from G-Dragon

YG Family has been known to share close ties and this is another example of it! Make way for some iKONxG-Dragon love!


After teasing fans with teasers of the two titles tracks from iKON’s debut full length album, ‘Welcome Back’, YG Entertainment has now released information on a new track titled ‘I Miss You So Bad’ and it’s written and composed by none other than G-Dragon!


kpopindia {kpop-india}iKON receives ‘I Miss You So Bad’ track as a debut gift from G-Dragonikon

It is a well known fact among VIP’s, the fandom of Bigbang that G-Dragon has not written nor composed a song for any other artists besides Bigbang and its members for the last 9 years so this definitely came as a good surprise for the fandoms of Bigbang as well as iKON.

According to a representative from YG Entertainment, ‘I MISS YOU SO BAD‘ was a demo song made by G-Dragon while preparing for BIGBANG‘s album but he was not satisfied with it as he felt that the song style would suit some other singers besides Bigbang and hence he asked iKON to record it as they were in the process of recording and working in the studio next door! Now, that is some YG Family love!

G-Dragon apparently smiled and told iKON that the song seems to match them more and hence it was a debut present to them. It is a well known fact that the iKON members have always looked up to him and hence they were so happy and surprised but seems like iKON were not the only one who was surprised as even the CEO of YG Entertainment, called up G-Dragon to verify it after hearing the news late.

But why is this track not a title track? According to the representative of YG Entertainment, although it is apparent that the songs made by Bigbang’s leader G-Dragon is of very high quality, they were cautious about using it as the title track, though they did think about it initially, as they did not want to use a goodwill gift for commercial purpose. They also did not want to create any misunderstandings or rumors that G-Dragon’s name is being used for promoting the rookie group and hence it was included only as a track for the debut full length album.

But ever since the news broke up, fans are excited to hear about this song and with iKON and G-Dragon as a combination, we won’t be surprised if this song turns out to be the most successful one!

YG Entertainment’s monster rookie, iKON’s full length debut album (both online and offline) will be released on 24th December, 0:00 AM (KST).



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