GDragon on what sets Bigbang apart from EXO and SHINee



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On 18th June, GDragon made a appearance on the 8 ‘O’Clock news in the  ‘JTBC Newsroom’ anchored by Sohn Suk Hee. In the show, the anchor asked GDragon on what he thinks sets Bigbang apart from EXO or SHINee who are also currently promoting.  GDragon replied by saying that, “What sets us apart is that we make our own songs, which appeals to the public, and the public likes it.”  When Sohn Suk Hee pointed out that this might get the fans of EXO and SHINee angry, G-Dragon replied that, “Even if they do get mad, it’s the truth and theres nothing to do about it”.

It is known that SM Entertainment do not give its artists as much freedom as YG Entertainment. SHINee has recently  started making songs of their own in their album while EXO has started participating in writing lyrics. However, Bigbang has been known to write their own songs since their debut days.

In another event, TOP had warned his followers on instagram to stop fighting on his account and had even threatened to close it.  An anti of Taeyang, claiming to be a fan of EXO had posted a video of her burning Taeyang’s picture and an YG international choreographer had seen it as well. At a time when there is already existing “fanwars” going on, this statement definitely stirs things. Seems like Bigbang members have noticed the “fanwars” and whether or not the statement made by GDragon is true or not, we hope that all the fans stop fighting and support their artist  without hating the other artists.