Get your Hair-on, GDragon style!

What's fashion without G-DRAGON being a part of it? Check out his top bold hairstyles over the years!


Big Bang’s leader GDragon (Kwon Ji Yong) is a well known style icon not only in the Korean Entertainment Industry but also worldwide and he never leaves an opportunity to try out unique hairstyles and hair colors what others may feel reluctant to try out and it usually looks great on him maybe it’s because of his confidence that he can carry off any look. His hairstyles have always been a major part of the music videos while giving them a bold outlook. His sense of style and fashion has always been appreciated and questioned.

So here are some of the style icon’s hairstyles which definitely left an impression on us –

1. The Blonde Hair (2009)
The fascinating blonde look of GDragon in the MV “Heartbreaker.” His skin tone and hair color almost matching gave him a vampire kind of a look which is incomparable with any of his looks as of now.

KpopIndia {kpop-india}Get your Hair-on, GDragon style!blonde hair kpopindia1


2. The Fantastic Baby (2012)
One of the epic hairstyle that GDragon has ever tried. His long hair like that of Rapunzel with a transition of black to orange from top to bottom was indeed ‘FANTASTIC’ leaving a strong impact in the MV. He even had the same hairstyle during the album promotions. Of course, with a shorter length but that didn’t stop fans or people from entertainment industry to comment on it calling the hairstyle, ‘Seaweed’ hairstyle!
KpopIndia {kpop-india}Get your Hair-on, GDragon style!fantastic baby kpopindia1 1024x617


3. The Spaghetti Hair (2012)
Never expected that a hairstyle could be developed inspired by food but GDragon did it, accomplishing an amazing and yes, definitely a One Of A Kind look.
KpopIndia {kpop-india}Get your Hair-on, GDragon style!spaghetti hair kpopindia 1024x576


4. The Noose Sideburn(2015)
A perfect hairstyle for such a strong MV “Loser” with a noose sideburn.
KpopIndia {kpop-india}Get your Hair-on, GDragon style!loser kpopindia 1024x686


5. The Bright Red Hair(2015)
With a unique use of glitters on the face and extravagant eye makeup, his bright red glossy hair got us excited and spellbound. Hats off to his quirky hair color. Definitely one of our personal favorites!
KpopIndia {kpop-india}Get your Hair-on, GDragon style!bright red kpop india1


Bonus! Let’s not miss out his latest hairstyle at the MAMA Awards 2015 in Hong Kong where it was kept simple at the top but he added 2 small braids at the bottom.

tumblr_nyqtq6ekGZ1s5qqm2o1_500 {kpop-india}Get your Hair-on, GDragon style!tumblr nyqtq6ekGZ1s5qqm2o1 500


G-Dragon’s styles have always amazed us and we are sure the list of his eccentric hairstyles will continue and he should because he manages to carry it off!

What is your personal favorite hairstyle of G-Dragon?


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