Gear Up For India’s First Ever Official Fanmeeting with Dabit

Get Excited for Dabit's Official Fanmeeting!


Brace your hearts everyone! The day you have been waiting for is finally here.

India will finally be witnessing their first ever official fan-meet with the talented singer-songwriter Dabit. After a series of teasers, pre events and a long wait, the day is finally here (at last!) for all the Indian fans to experience a true and proper fan-meet.

Dabit in India will be held on April 17th at Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi. Promising to be an exciting and interactive session, fans will get to experience the true essence of fan-meet culture with Dabit. With games and personal interactive sessions, this event is not one to be missed out on. In addition to it, two (Yes, you heard it right! TWO) lucky rookie ticket holders will get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime chance of going out on a date with Dabit himself.

Dabit will also be accompanied by labelmate and former EvoL member Hayana for the fanmeet.

The event will start at 1pm on April 17th with entries from 11am onwards. Check out the rules below to make sure the fanmeet turns out to be the best way to start the Hallyu wave in India. Destination K-Pop will be right there covering the entire event, so make sure to meet us up (for fangirling purposes, of course).

Haven’t bought your ticket yet? Well what are you waiting for? Tickets will be on sale on the day of the event too so go ahead and grab yourself a ticket straight to Dabit.

Do’s & Don’ts during Dabit in India fanmeet by Pink Box Events:

1) You can buy tickets on the venue and entry will begin at 11 for everyone. Please make sure you bring your invoice and your ID. (Invoice Scan be shown in phone too)

2) The event will begin sharply at 1 PM. Once Dabit enters the Venue, no one will be allowed to enter.

3) The seating will be different for different category of tickets but for the same category, it will be first come, first serve basis.

4) You are allowed to bring gifts for the artist/s. You can give it yourself to the artist during the autograph/HiTouch event. The gifts has to be kept with you during the Fan Meet. The flow of the event is thus Fanmeet and then autograph/HiTouch event.

5) You are allowed to bring water/food for yourself. You cannot however eat inside the venue.

6) If you guys are planning to bring cakes, even that is allowed. Just let us know in advance so that we can keep a time and let Dabit cut it in front of you all.

7) If there are any fans who have bought Rookie tickets and are under 18 yrs, please get a consent letter from your parents stating that you are allowed to go on a date if you win.

8) The dates for rookie ticket holders will be given to 2 lucky fans. Yes, we are still giving 2 fans the chance to go on a date with a KPOP Idol! The date will be right after the event so please be available or if you cannot attend, let us know so that we can avoid putting your name in the bowl from where Dabit will pick out the names.

9) Lastly, come with a free, relaxed and happy minds! We are going to be playing games so don’t be shy when your name gets called out! To be fair, we are putting all names in the bowl and it will be picked from there. In case you are sure you don’t want to play any games, let us know in advance.

Check out PINK BOX EVENTS on facebook for TICKETS!!

Stay tune for exclusive update right here….


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