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Lee Han Gyul and Nam Don Hyun Announce 1st Fanmeet

X1 might have officially disbanded but the love and promise shared between the group and their fans still continue.

EXO’s Chen Announces Marriage + Indian Fans’ Sweet Messages

The written letter is indeed a personal invite asking us to bless and wish the couple and their to-be-born child with all...

Stray Kids Release Teasers For “Mixtape: Gone Days” Project

Stray Kids aren’t planning to slow down even during the end month of the year.STAYs around the...

SF9 Taeyang Gifts “Last Christmas” – Piano Version For FANTASY

FANTASY around the world is gifted in abundance this Christmas, as their favourite sunshine gifts them a sweet ballad cover.

Artist Spotlight: PDX’s National Leader – Han Seungwoo

From being the warmest leader to the sexiest performer, Han Seungwoo has a lot more to show the world.

5 Must Watch MVs of The Boyz [Anniversary Special]

The Season of joy begins with The Boyz debut anniversary celebration!The Boyz, the group known for their...

If Eric Nam Is Coming to India, Which City Would It Be?

Eric Nam might have said a “Yes” and the whole Indian Twitter world is going wild.If your...

GOT7 Makes Ahgases Feel Special On And With“Thrusday”

It’s been two days since GOT7 received their first Daesang and the party is still not over yet. After six long years...