Get Ready To Welcome EXID’s Hani and Super Junior’ Heechul As Weekly Idol’s New MC’s

Hani and Heechul to be fixed MC's on Weekly idol till Jung Hyung Don's return

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Get ready to see your favorite idols EXID’s Hani and Super Junior’s Heechul on one of the most loved shows around MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol.

As per an industry insider’s report, Heechul and Hani have been confirmed to appear as co MC’s alongside MC Defconn. Henceforth fans will be able to see both the idols bring out their witty and full of variety skills as new MC’s on Weekly idol. Both Hani and Heechul will be fixed MC’s on the show alongside MC Defconn until MC Jung Hyung Don’s return.

MC Jung Hyung Don has been on hiatus since last November canceling all his broadcast schedules including Weekly Idol due to health reasons. An MBC representative informed, that MC Jung Hyung Don has not officially left the show, however as there is no information about his return yet, Heechul and Hani will be filling in his position until he is back.

While Heechul has previously appeared as an MC on the show, this will be Hani’s first time as an MC on Weekly Idol. While we hope MC ‘Doni’ recovers soon and returns in all his cheerful spirits, we are looking forward to Heechul and Hani joining our favorite MC ‘Coni’ on Weekly idol.

Now we just have to wait a little bit more to see what our three MC’s aka favorite MC Coni, variety king Heechul and mukbang queen Hani have in store for us.

Heechul and Hani’s first episode as MC’s shall air on April 6th on MBC Every1.


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