GFRIEND Achieve Perfect All Kill for ‘Rough’ + ‘Glass Bead’ Re-enter Charts

The trendy-dols of 2016 GFRIEND achieve a perfect all kill!!!

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One of the rising girl groups of 2016, GFRIEND are rocking the charts with their new single ‘Rough’ from their third mini album ‘Snowflake’. Ever since its release, the song was very successful among the charts and won the group first place on various shows but taking their success to a whole new level, the rookie girl group has achieved a perfect all-kill, i.e, the song got number one on real-time charts, daily charts and also on Instiz Weekly Chart, all at the same time.

This makes them only the FIFTH idol group in kpop to ever achieve this feat and they share the feat with groups like Big Bang, Miss A, 2NE1 and Sistar! Their album ‘Snowflake’ also debuted at number ten on Billboard’s World Albums Chart.

kpop india {kpop-india}GFRIEND Achieve Perfect All Kill for ‘Rough’ + ‘Glass Bead’ Re-enter Chartsgfriend rough allkill

Check the ‘it’ song ‘Rough’, which is garnering all the attention in ktown:

Not only this, GFRIEND continued to prove their popularity when their debut song ‘Glass bead’, from their first mini album ‘Season Of Glass’, which was released back in January 2015, re-entered the charts for this week after more than a year!

If you haven’t heard the amazing song yet, this is your chance!

Congratulations to GFRIEND for such a tremendous feat!!


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