Girl’s Day Minah’s Elder Sister Debuts!


Girl’s Day Bang Minah’s elder sister, Bang Hyunah, officially made her debut under girl group Wanna.B adopting the stage name Linah.

Wanna.B (L to R: Jiwoo, Ami, Linah, Siyoung, Roeun, Eunsom, Sejin)
Wanna.B (L to R: Jiwoo, Ami, Linah, Siyoung, Roeun, Eunsom, Sejin)

It was revealed in April earlier this year by rookie girl group Wanna.B’s agency that the group’s visual Seoyoon withdrew following a 3 month hiatus due to pelvic and back pain. Two new members joined the group in Seoyoon’s place, Roeun and Linah.

Linah at a Wanna.B Performance
Linah at a Wanna.B Performance

Her debut is being widely praised by Korean netizens, and the resemblance between the two sisters is undeniable.

In a previous interview Linah has stated, “Minah supports me both physically and mentally. We’re not very affectionate siblings, so we casually care for each other saying, ‘I picked this up on the way’. Like for lipstick, we just say, ‘I thought it would look good on you so I bought it’ and give it to each other. [Minah] always gives me great advice and cheers me on…but she also said if we meet at music shows, I need to greet her [as a sunbae].”

She also left a message to her younger sister stating, “Minah, you worked hard up until now, supporting your older sister, so just wait. I’ll catch up to you. Stay alert, sunbaenim!” 

Are you excited for Linah’s debut? Do you think Wanna.B will be as successful as Girl’s Day?

Check out Wanna.B’s new song with Linah called “Why”!


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