Girls Generation Sooyoung Announces Her New Blog On Her 27th Birthday!

The SNSD star Sooyoung gets closer to fans with her new blog!!


Girls Generation Choi Sooyoung has found a new way to connect with fans!! To commemorate her birthday this year, Sooyoung announced her arrival on Tumblr with a new blog.

The singer actor turned 27 years old (26 international age) on February 10th, and must we say she is on a roll, posting adorable pictures celebrating her special day in style and treating fans with some candid shots from her birthday photo shoot. Take a look below at some pictures she posted on her blog.

Sooyoung also posted member Tiffany singing adorably for her birthday on her new blog. Many of Sooyoung fans also went on to celebrate and wish her on her special day with  on twitter. She even went on to update her instagram with celebratory pictures from her birthday.

Kpop India {kpop-india}Girls Generation Sooyoung Announces Her New Blog On Her 27th Birthday!SY GG

Sooyoung shall be participating in “GIRLS’ GENERATION 4th TOUR – Phantasia – in SEOUL” on February 11th. Fans can also see Sooyoung playing the lead role in upcoming KBS drama Perfect Sense scheduled to air from April 20th this year.

So are you ready for an insight into more of Sooyoung’s daily life?? Make sure to follow the this impish beauty on her newest blog sootuff.

(Bonus) Some more pictures from her birthday celebration.

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