Girls Of I.O.I Officially Debut with “Dream Girls”

I.O.I girls debut with their first mini album 'Chrysalis' and MV Dream Girls.

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Girls of I.O.I (Ideal of Idol) formed by the popular audition variety show “Produce 101” have finally debuted under YMC Entertainment.

On May 4th, the I.O.I girls released their first mini-album ‘Chrysalis’ and MV titled Dream Girls co-written by singer-songwriter-producer Famousbro and composer Paul, with rap lyrics by members Lim Na-young and Choi Yoo-jung. 

Dream Girls is a peppy trap pop dance track that signifies a motivational message of cherishing and following your dream, without giving up. That’s quite spot on considering the journey of these girls from trainees to their final debut. Take a look at the MV below.

The album not just showcases individual charms and dreams of these girls but also showcases their participation in deciding on tracks, writing rap lyrics and helping overall to produce the album with their opinions. I.O.I mini-album shall contain four songs including I.O.I (Intro), Dream Girls (title track), Doo-Wap and Knock Knock Knock. It shall also contain I.O.I’s version of special tracks Pick Me, Crush and When the Cherry Blossoms Fade.

Meanwhile I.O.I members also held their debut Melon Premier Showcase on May 4th after debut, that was also telecast worldwide for viewers via Melon, 1TheK and AZTalk. Also check-out their Dream Girls debut stage at M-Countdown and tell us what you think.

The 11 members of I.O.I. who were formed after a gruelling competition show of Mnet originally had 101 members picked from different entertainment agencies and some individual trainees. The final members who debuted with the girl group I.O.I are Lim Na-young, Kim Chung-ha, Kim Se-jeong, Jung Chae-yeon, Zhou Jieqiong, Kim So-hye, Yu Yeon-jung, Choi Yoo-jung, Kang Mi-na, Kim Do-yeon and Jeon So-mi.

To keep up with the girls for more information follow I.O.I’s official facebook and instagram.


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