‘Glory Day’ Releases Official Posters!


‘Glory Day’ formerly known as ‘One Way Trip’ is considered to be one of the most anticipated movie of the year and the official posters are finally out! With the strong and dream cast, it is building up the expectations and excitement among the fans.

Ji Soo, Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Hee Chan and EXO Suho plays the lead roles of the four best friends in this Youth movie. This movie thus marks the acting debut of another EXO member. Ji Soo, in the past year has impressed the fans with his intense acting in ‘Angry Mom’ and ‘Sassy Go Go’ while Ryu Jun Yeol projected his talent in the latest ‘Reply’ installment, ‘Reply 1988’ and there is Kim Hee Chan who has given notable performance in ‘The Producers’, ‘Twenty Again’ and on going drama ‘Cheese in The Trap’. The movie has indeed managed to acquire a dream cast!

The individual official posters gives off a serious angst aura surrounding the actors. The black and white hue with serious faces makes one wonder what kind of  troubles will they be getting into during the trip.

glory day(1) {kpop-india}‘Glory Day’ Releases Official Posters!one way trip2

Glory day(2) {kpop-india}‘Glory Day’ Releases Official Posters!one way trip1


‘Glory Day’ is a youth movie which tells the  story of four best friends who decided to go on a trip to a small city near a beach as their last holiday together before one of them enlists as a marine corps. However their life takes an intense turn in the last day of their trip when life-changing event occurs and the movie thus revolves around that day and the struggle that the four friends faces to survive.

It maybe mentioned that ‘Glory Day’ managed to get sold out in the 20th Busan International Film Festival within 15 minutes of opening!  The movie will officially be hitting the theaters in Korea on March this year!

With the strong cast and intense plot line, we can’t wait to watch it!


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