GOT7 Becomes Posh For “You Calling My Name”


GOT7 appears chic and classy making it irresistible to call their names.

The act of seven marked their second comeback of the year on November 4, releasing their 10th mini album Call My Name along with a sleek music video for their single, “You Calling My Name.” The great anticipation was all worth it as the septet gifted us with a unique style. Within few minutes of release, the single created a huge impact among the audience, as fans cheerfully trended hashtags as #GOT7_YouCalllingMyName and #GOT7_CallMyName while sharing their favourite parts of the video and congratulated the boys through their SNS platforms.

The Single

The groovy track is set in a mournful tone as JB begins, “I hated myself” with his graceful vocals. Being regretful and apologetic, the song sings about sending off a loved one with hurtful scars and now wanting her to come back and call them by name. The excitement of listening to the song and lyrics were high amidst fans, JB a.k.a Defsoul and J.Y. Park (founder of JYP Entertainment) helped in penning the poignant lines. Despite the chorus being less catchy than the septet’s previous releases, the pre-chorus is built rhetorically to pull in the audience.

“The sound of you calling my name, I want to hear it, your voice. I didn’t know how much I will miss you, please come back. Please give me one more chance.”

 The rhythmic beat and synchronizing prevent us from dwelling in all sadness, as we get to nod our heads appreciating the rhythm. With slender vocals and rap verses-highlighting on Jinyoung’s tender whispers and Bambam’s husky lines credit the track to be elegant and neat for an enjoyable listen.

The Music Video

The music video focuses on the maturity of the group both in sound and visuals.  Dressed in sleek velvety leather suits, the members allure us as classy suitors of our hearts. The septet is known for representing their fandom in most of their music videos, once again dwell in the hearts of Ahgases by bringing in the dominance of colour green (fandom colour) in every possible way throughout the video.

 With poised and gentle gestures, JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom flaunt with their stunning visuals amidst bright and dim lighted sets. The music video also features a Chinese character (meaning “Name”) to add up with their theory series.

The sharp choreography highlights much on clear cut and crisp postures while coordinating perfectly as a group. Fans were genuinely surprised about the outstanding hip move during the chorus which has become the iconic dance move of the comeback. Ahgases even decided to do a “You Call My Name” Challenge, encouraging everyone to show off their hip moves.    

Adding up to the single, the album comes out with five more new tracks, “Pray,” “Now or Never,” “Thrusday,” “Run Away,” and “Crash & Burn.” Within days of release, GOT7 proved to be prominent by topping ITunes Charts in almost 28 countries.

With more to come, let us make sure to support the boys during their journey!

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