GOT7 Confirms A Comeback In May!


Ahgases being busy voting for 2019 BBMAs and supporting their Idols with their solo activities, had no idea that a half a minute clip would change their daily routine topsy-turvy.

When the clock struck 12 for South Korea on April 26, JYP released a video teaser revealing the dates for both the comeback and world tour. The four month old, 2019 has already become a year of multiple k-pop tours and concerts. With no interest of staying back of the line, GOT7 will be hitting the shores of many starting from June 15 and 16.

The clip filmed a swirling silver top. The top while spinning wobbles in intervals when the light flickers. Later, the video blacks revealing the dates. With the title suggesting “Security and insecurity”, the spin can be considered as the routine of life and wobbling as a time of turbulence. Many IGOT7s believe that theory is connected or related to a famous movie called “Inception”.

The year for the septet has been different one as the members were extremely busy with their individual schedules. Jinyoung’s new drama “He is Psychometric”, JB and Yugyeoms’s Sub-unit Jus2, Mark and Bambam’s modeling career, Youngjae’s “Real Thai” and medical rest, Jackson’s China schedules made us believe that the act was on hiatus as a group but we were wrong. The album work has been happening in a subtle way and YES, it is an actual surprise.

In addition, the preview of the physical album copies was also released by the Entertainment, gluing their fans on their seats. The album comes out in two versions, “Security” and “Insecurity”. With the title Spinning Top: Security & Insecurity suggesting a deep concept, IGOT7s around the world already love it.

Are you excited about GOT7’s comeback?


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