GOT7 face some serious “TURBULENCE” in the new trailer


Just as GOT7’s comeback is around the corner, the boy group, GOT7 released a trailer to introduce their new album.

On September 19th, GOT7 released the trailer to their upcoming album “Flight Log: Turbulence”.

Now let’s get elaborate on what is happening in the video.

The trailer begins with the boys being their usual goofy self on a first class airplane. But then there’s a bit of turbulence on the plane as Jin Young is alone forced to sit as he looks over the rest.

What happens next, is the disaster!
It looks like the plane is crashing down as everyone and everything on the plane this is throw around.
You can then find the boys FLY-ing! (These cuts looks very similar to their previous music video, Flight Log: Departure)

The video then ends with Jin Young waking up to the aftermath of what looks like a plane crash.

Looks like a lot of mysterious things are happening about there, doesn’t it?
Well, we will have to wait till 27th of September for the album to be out and to find answers to our questions!


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