GOT7 gift IGOT7s With Individual Teaser Images


On behalf of IGOT7s 5th birthday, GOT7 give themselves as a bequest with individual teaser images for their comeback

At 00 KST on May 8, JYP presented individual teaser images of Spinning Top: Security & Insecurity to the birthday baby birds.

As expected, the members look absolutely stunning twirling us from head to toe. The unexpected release of seven electrifying images of the septet is indeed a danger calling for Ahgases around the world.

From GOT7 Twitter

The hung line, Mak, JB and Jacksonastond us as they gleam in posh and style along with party colours like pink, blue and purple. The swirl patterns merging with the members’ outfits dynamize us at the very first sight.

From GOT7 Twitter

The fourth member Jinyoung clubs with the youngest members as the maknae line, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom stun us with bright colours like red, yellow and orange. The fire lighting backgrounds magnetize and energize us with power.

From GOT7 Twitter

With piercing gazes and influential gestures, the members keep us spell-boung and speechless. The concept images are named security, one of the album versions according to the hashtags used in social media posts. Which means the second version concept photos can be expected soon.

The septet confirmed their comeback date on May 8 and world tour plans on 26th of April. The tour dates were released prior to the teaser images marking new countries in the list. The back to back release has made Ahgases defend-less to the given attacks. With twelve more days for the comeback, all we can say is, “Brace Yourselves!”

Are you ready for the spin with GOT7 this May? Tag us along with your comments.


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