GOT7 Is The First K-pop Act To Appear In Today Show


GOT7 will be the first ever K-pop act to appear on NBC’s Today Show.

The seven piece act is set to make history after successfully completing their Seoul concerts on June 15 and 16. The famous septet will be the first group representing K-pop industry as Idols in one of the highly reputed American Morning shows, Today Show. The group will also attend a show on Good Day New York for the second time after their previous visit in 2018. The show will be held in the morning of June 27 before they start their American shows of Keep Spinning World Tour.

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GOT7 known for making global audience can be credited for carrying out themselves so well worldwide with music and performance for past five years. Even before the upcoming U.S. promotions, the act has already embarked their fame in states with impactful stages in KCONs, concerts including their hit, Eyes On You Tour in 2018. The group also carries a special single, “Lullaby” in four different languages proving us their dominance in and around Asia.

Following the steps of PSY, GOT7 will be the first k-pop act since 2013 to stage a special performance during live. The act of seven consisting of JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom is put into further spotlight as it is the first group under JYP to appear in a major T.V show. The later schedules on various T.V appearances are also expected to be revealed once the American concerts begin.

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Keep Spinning Tour is set to start in the States with their first performance in Newark on June 27. Following the pattern, the act will stop in Toronto on June 30, Dallas on July 3, Los Angeles on July 6, Okaland on 10th July, Mexico on 13th and Santiago on 16th.

Are you excited to see your favourite seven on NBC’s Today Show?

Sources: Billboard and Forbes

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