GOT7 Makes Ahgases Feel Special On And With“Thrusday”


It’s been two days since GOT7 received their first Daesang and the party is still not over yet. After six long years of hard work and persistence, the septet finally received an award rewarding their journey as artists. Debuted in 2014, under JYP Entertainment, GOT7 has been known for their diverse music and lively nature. By gathering attention around the world, the act can be ranked as one among the globally influential K-pop boy groups. With the release of their latest album Call My Name, the act scored huge appreciation and above all a Daesang to take back home.

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The Asian Artist Awards Daesang winners included SEVENTEEN, Red Velvet, TWICE and Jang Dong Gun, for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Artist of the Year and Actor of the year, while GOT7 received the Performance of the year.

The celebration was never put to rest as Ahgases kept trending #GOT7_DAESANG and #IGOT7_PROUD_OF_GOT7 along with sweet messages to congratulate and express their gratitude to the septet.

Adding up to the celebration STUDIO CHOOM released a “Be Original” video of GOT7’s “Thursday,” making every IGOT7 melt in happiness. The track is one of their promotional songs during their comeback stages have gained much attention and love for showing off the group’s warm and fluffy side. Watching the seven enjoy themselves while performing the song has always been cherished among the fans. Since the release, the song has been the anthem of every Ahgases’ Thursday routine and a crystal clear video couldn’t be any better.

The Video

The video captures the same fluffy and peppy mood we see in their performances. With multiple pouts and cute gestures, the members stage a delightful performance. The song sings on the exciting wait for the weekend to meet their loved one. The casual and cosy clothing added up more warm colours to the video, as the members appear with huge bright smiles performing the freestyle choreography. As a cherry to top the music video, it the bong shared among the members by interlinking arms and hugs during the song that inevitably stole the hearts of the fans. Watching the group remain as seven loving boys with the same energy and love is anything and everything the fandom could wish for, and that was made possible and reassured with a gift like “Thursday.”

The video series from STUDIO CHOOM does not just stop here as they have also released an intense teaser for their next video, GOT7’s “Crash & Burn.” With piercing gazes and fuming energy, the septet showed a glimpse of their upcoming “Be Original” performance in a 36 seconds video.

Ahgases brace yourselves!

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