GOT7 Members Become Ethereal Lovers For “Not By The Moon”


O swear not by the moon, GOT7 is here to bestow their love forever!

On April 20, GOT7 released their most awaited 11th mini-album, Dye along with their title track, “Not By The Moon.” Following the group’s information on their summer comeback, the fans have been receiving multiple teasers on the group’s social media platforms, which finally have led to meet the exceptional release of today. As every Ahgase could take pride in their idols’ return, the music video for the single is set in the grandest way.

The Single

With breezy yet dramatic open, the track begins with Jinyoung’s mellow verses. As the song flows as a mellow dramatic monologue, the pre-chorus raises and leads to the most expected heavy syncs and enthralling beats of the chorus. The lyrics taking references from the famous Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet bring in various allegories and analogies to express the protagonist’s, profound love. As Park Jin Young a.k.a JYP himself got a chance to produce and write the song, the verses get to showcase the deeper and mystical shades of the septet as lovers.

“O swear not by the moon, Changing everyday like the moon. Don’t make that,” sings the chorus with a mournful note, as the celestial object is known for changing its shape and place. Rather than swearing on any other creations, the members want to pledge their own lives as an everlasting symbol of love as the lines continue, “Dye me with you, Dye yourself with me.” The song indeed compliments the group as more matured and experienced vocalists with rappers transforming themselves as vocalists during verses while the vocal line shine with multiple high notes. Though the lyrics make our hearts heavy, as listeners we get to empathize the sweet pain along with the members.

The Music Video

The music video adds more flavor to the single as it beautifully pictures the melancholic storyline. The dramatic visuals start from the beginning as the viewers are invited into a drama theatre, where the members are ready to showcase their version of Romeo and Juliet. Amidst the rich and posh setting, the members appear in pearl white wardrobe enhancing them as angelic figures. With furthermore individual shots for the members, the act gathers to stage their heavy choreography in a darker setting with their black outfits. The conflict between death and life is contemplated with a greater influence of black and white colours being used in the music video.

The pictorial representations of Mark holding a white gown, Youngjae lying above a coffin and the members finding the iconic balcony empty depicts that Juliet is gone and dead. But the plot unravels itself with a twist, as the protagonist sends in his spirit to bring back her alive. The imagery of Jesus’ resurrection is also used in the video as Juliet’s tomb crumbles down as she is brought back to life.  IGOT7s once again get to feature in the act’s music video as the baby bird representing the fans breaks open the moon. Hence, the love shared between the group and their fans lives beyond the celestial object.

The viewers also get to witness a glimpse of the group’s jaw-dropping choreography and perfect synchronization during the dance break, which majorly contributes the powerful music video. As we head to the climax, we get to taste the fulfilment of watching a perfect heart whelming cinema.

The music video has indeed received a great reception among the fans, as they showed their support to their boys by trending the hashtags #GOT7_NOTBYTHEMOON and #GOT7_DYE worldwide. Indian ahgases have also equally shared their part in streaming and trending GOT7 in India.

Few Indian Ahgases’ Messages:

“We know you guys put your heart into this album and we are super proud, you worked hard for us and it’s our turn now. GOT7×AHGASE FOREVER.” – Lekshmy, Trivandrum 💚

“It’s my honest opinion I feel that each and every song had its own aura. The group has yet again come back with a versatile Album as always… Their talents speak more than words.” – Manisha Gogoi, Assam

“Not by the moon is another art piece. My favourite things from this album are looks, instrumental, chorus and dance. Every member looks ethereal. The instrumental section in every song slaps in a good way. Chorus wakes you up rhythmically. Dance is nostalgic and great as usual.” – Sathya Priyanga, Pattukkottai.

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