It’s yet another KPOP Milestone and this time its JYP’s GOT7 twitter account! On December 15, 2015 JYP’s Boy Group GOT7 scored 1 million followers on their official twitter account.

GOT7 had joined twitter on May 2012 as @GOT7Offical and the boys have been active and kept their fans connected with them through their official twitter account along with their individual accounts on twitter.

Kpop India {kpop-india}GOT7 reaches ‘1 million followers’ on Twitter!IMG 2144 300x245

In celebration of their 1 Million followers on twitter, GOT7 shared a small clip of them holding onto twitter Logo, thanking their fans, showing love and gratitude.

Congratulations to GOT7 for their 1 million followers on Twitter! May you achieve many more millions!


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