GOT7 Releases Album Spoiler for ‘Flight Log: Departure’


After releasing the Tracklist of their comeback album, ‘Flight Log: Departure’, GOT7 gave a preview of the songs in the latest album spoiler and it’s definitely making their fandom, IGOT7, anticipate more of their comeback! The album consist of eight songs with “Fly” as title song and seven other songs “Can’t”, “See The Light”, “FISH”, “REWIND”, “Begging on my Knees”, “Something Good” and “HOME RUN” and some of the members have also contributed in the making of the songs, including the rap parts!

GOT7 had earlier released a short cliping of their title MV ‘FLY’.

And how can we forget the adorable Youngjae giving a spoiler of the song by mistake and Mark’s surprised look when they had their recent V live broadcast?

With so many teasers, the fans are definitely waiting eagerly for the album to be released! Are you ready to ‘Fly’ with GOT7?

The music video of ‘Fly’ and the album will release on March 21st which will be followed by a live showcase on Naver ‘V’ app on the same day.

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