GOT7 Spinning Top: One Of The Aniticipated Comebacks


With flashy teaser images, heart throbbing video teases, intriguing album spoilers, and melting lyrics, GOT is assuring a blast this summer!

The breathtaking journey on receiving the act’s return has kept us spellbound from the very first day on April 26, when JYP Entertainment released an unexpected teaser clip revealing the dates for the comeback and world tour.

Following the releases of magnetizing visual individual teaser images, the septet posted the tracklist of the upcoming album. “Eclipse” was confirmed as the title track to which our leader, JB co-composed and wrote lyrics with Park Jin Young. The seven tracks, “1°”, “Eclipse”, “Page”, “The End”, “Will You Believe In Me?”, “Time out” and “Eclipse Instrumental” was mostly self-produced inclusive of the Maknae line, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom co-writing lyrics for “Time out”, “Will You Believe In Me?” and “The End”.

On May 15, IGOT7s were blown away by the striking visuals of the members, as they gave intense glances in their teaser video. The second video teaser released on 16th gave us a sneak peek on the high-powered choreography and special effects kept in store for the single. The clips that lasted for mere seconds was more than enough to raise our expectations and keep us dreaming about their return.

One of the most influential k-pop journalist, Jeff Benjamin also gave us a hint in his tweet about the dynamic choreography that is to come.

The Album spoiler video released on May 18, made us peep into the six different tracks including the title. The list contained melodies and up-beats making us more anxious.

Succeeding with the teasers, the act released their heartfelt lyrics of the six tracks present in the album Spinning Top: Security and Insecurity.

As a final touch, the seven-member group promised us for a comeback live talk for their album featuring actor Kim Sang Joong as announced on May 16. The talk will be held on the 20th of May at 9:00 pm KST. The septet will also be greeting their fans through “Spoiler spot live” on V Live on May 19, 10:00 pm KST.

In spite of all their busy solo schedules, GOT7 is all set to amuse us by compiling their primo work together as one.

Below are a few responses from our beloved Ahgases on receiving the comeback.

“You know that feeling where you feel everything and nothing at the same time… I am excited as well as nervous. I am proud of them for what they have achieved so far but being a hungry fan we want more and more success and recognition. If there is one thing that makes our boys happy is seeing us praising and loving their music and the one thing that makes us ahgases happy is seeing our boys happy. I hope we achieve this and more. Fighting for the comeback.” – Sathya Priyanga, Chennai.

“My heart is burning a hole in my chest and every time they come up with new things it keeps sinking and I’m left with nothing but ashes. The more I wait for the more my heart flutters 😍” – Geethu Jovan Kennady, Kerala.

“Actually this album made me think a lot…like what will be the concept and all…but the title SECURITY and INSECURITY it’s like..a kinda something to ahgase…i mean they wanna share something about it SECURITY and INSECURITY on this comeback…In my POV its a song for Ahgases again I guess…I can’t wait for the MV.” – Jacqueline, Pondicherry.

With just a day to pass by, our long wait is nearing its end as we are about to see our beloved seven stage a phenomenal show!

Are you guys excited to receive GOT7’s first comeback of 2019?


  1. We’re super excited for this comeback!!! 💚



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