GOT7 Unveil Their Official Fan Lightsticks

GOT7 unveil their official fan light sticks through a video on their official YouTube channel


The boys of GOT7 revealed their official fan light sticks in a new video uploaded to their official YouTube channel!

The boys were clearly very excited to be introducing their official fan light stick. The light stick was unveiled to their fans at a small fan meeting outside ‘Show! Music Core‘.

The light stick has a smooth white handle with the group’s name printed on the side in lime green and has a white strap. It is topped with a lime green GOT7-logo which is encased by a clear bird which apparently represents the group’s fan club IGOT7. The design is clean cut and definitely every bit as cute as the boys.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}GOT7 Unveil Their Official Fan LightsticksGOT7 Official Lightstick 02

In the light stick’s introductory video the boys suggest different ways that their fans can use the light sticks apart from actually using them to cheer for them at concerts and showcases.

Check out the video below! And yes, International fans – it comes with English subtitles!

What do you think of the GOT7’s official fan light sticks?


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