#got7pleasevisitindia? Are we really ready for this? x Jackson Wang Wishlist!

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The best moment for an International fan is when an idol says the name of your country. A better one is when he says he wants to VISIT your country. Seems like a dream right? I’m not talking about The States or Europe, but the places those are never included in their “World” tour. The places like India.

In GOT7’s fanmeet in Toronto, something happened that got all the Indian I Got7s or Ahgases on their feet in mere seconds. This ‘something’ was Jackson Wang announcing that the country that he really really really (yeah, he said “really” like 4-5 times)  wanna go to is none other than INDIA.

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(All Indian Ahgases right now)

As soon as the fancams from the event were uploaded and Indian fans found about this wish of their Wang Mandu wanting to visit India, the clip became viral over Instagram and Twitter with fans flooding the comment section with requests and invites for Jackson to come here.

Watch the video clipping below (Cr. to owner) :

What is a trend without hashtags?? Indian Aghases took the usual road of using Twitter and Instagram to get GOT7 and JYP to notice their requests. The fans have been using the hashtags – #got7_mission_india #got7pleasevisitindia #indialovesgot7 #jypnation_india. Instagram account @got7_mission_india first started using these hashtags. If you haven’t already been a part of this hashtag saga, go on and start hashtagging these on Twitter and Instagram.

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It’s definitely an exciting news!! But now that the idols finally know that our country exists, the question we have to ask ourselves is if our country really ready to host such big groups?

We all undoubtedly want that our favorite groups should come to India. But when it comes down to arranging a concert for them, there are a whole ton of variables that make it just difficult.

  • Band Fee: The bigger the band is, the bigger hole it will cast on your pockets. While a chunk of money does come from sponsors, organizers rely greatly on ticket money. In a country where people are so hesitant to buy music and prefer downloading it, it is really hard to gather up a genuine amount of paying audience. So if there aren’t going to be enough people to pay enough money, it’s a no-go.
  • There is a huge set of Licenses to get and taxes to pay that the organizer set the ticket a little higher to recover these costs. Which in the end led back to point one.
  • As K-pop is comparatively new to the Indian market getting sponsors is another big challenge.
  • Also, the K-pop fans are scattered unevenly across India. This result in most of them not willing to visit another state just to see an idol perform for few hours.
  • Safety can be another reason. A place that someone hasn’t visited before gives birth first and foremost to the safety concerns. Their company even won’t feel comfortable in sending the groups if they don’t feel like the plans full-proof, backed up by proper safety and comfort measures.

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Ergo, if we really want this dream of our to come true and see our favorite idols perform in our home country, we need to get ready first. Change our mindset.


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