GOT7’s Bambam Talks About Criticism On His Enunciation While Rapping In Korean



On 2nd October, GOT7 members Jinyoung and Bambam did a V Live broadcast for “GOT2DAY,” where they shared their experiences during their concert tour and talked about their new songs.

Since leader JB is unable to perform currently because of a back injury, Jinyoung said, “It was awkward because it was our first concert, and there were only six of us without JB so we were very nervous. But despite all that, we did a good job, so that’s a relief.”

Jinyoung then talked about their song “Mayday,” which he wrote, and made Bambam cover his ears when he told him, “They say you sound Korean in that song and that your diction is very clear.”

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He went on to say, “Until now I read many comments complaining about the pronunciation of our foreigner members. Sometimes words are enunciated differently on purpose, but since people criticize that, for ‘Mayday’ I wanted us to prioritize clear pronunciation.”

Bambam, who is a native Thai speaker, has faced criticism for his Korean pronunciation. He said, “When I rap at times I pronounce in a stronger way to give it feeling, but since I’m a foreigner, people say I’m enunciating it wrong.” He also talked about trying a different rapping style for track “Skyway” and said, “I thought it would be different from what’s in trend. I personally like it. It’s unique.”

It’s quite often we see non-native Korean speaking idols getting criticized for their pronunciation or fluency in Korean.

GOT7 made their comeback on 27th September with their second album “Flight Log: Turbulence,” featuring title track “Hard Carry”

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