Gyuri Talks About KARA And Disbandment!

A good news for all Kamilias!

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The world of Kamilias came to a standstill when DSP Media announced KARA’s disbandment in January, 2016. But apparently, moving out to different agencies is not the end for KARA.

In a recent interview, with Herald Pop for her upcoming movie ‘Two Rooms, Two Nights’ member Gyuri candidly talked about KARA, disbandment and her acting career.

The member asserted that the group has not disbanded. She further added “Somehow people started to use that term. I guess that word best describes our situation of splitting up into different labels. People might get that impression, but I honestly don’t think that we’ve disbanded.”

As for the members’ status, Gyuri updated the fans that they keep in close contact with one another. She even disclosed, “We’ve been talking about finding a good opportunity to release an album and promote as KARA. And even though we meet up privately a lot, sometimes we like to update our SNS accounts with pictures together just to let our fans know, ‘We’re all doing well, so please don’t worry about us.’ None of us want to worry our fans.” 

About her acting career, she stated, “Aside from KARA, I want to work hard on my individual activities.” Gyuri expressed that instead of pursuing both singing and acting, she decided to go deeper into her acting career as she started as a child actress.

Are you waiting for a KARA comeback?


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