Half Moon Friends has Officially Ended!



YG’S 2nd generation boygroup WINNER had made major news for clipping their promotions short, for album EXIT. The reason behind their sudden change of direction was a JTBC variety show they were shooting ‘Half Moon Friends.’

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‘Half Moon Friends’ was a 15 day kindergarten set up by JTBC and YG Entertainment, for a 10 special friends. The children- Seoyeon, Minseo, Yeojun, Seowoo, Jiwoo, Namwoo, Jungwoo, Jei, Minjoon and Hayul – brought out their hidden personalities and charms. 15 days are definitely not enough to measure happiness and the WINNER teachers felt the pain of parting in their last episode, which aired on July 17.

Monster Teacher (Taehyun) who had built up a strong rapport with Hayul was brought to tears when he listened to the young boy’s goodbyes. All the teachers, especially Juju Teacher (Jinwoo) tried very hard to hold back their tears.

And failed.


For the Winner members, for Inner Circles, and for the Half Moon friends, it has been a beautiful era filled with amazing memories. We can only hope that they kids will remember these beautiful moments as they grow up, and make even more amazing memories with the teachers!

Check out some of our favourite moments from the show!

  1. Hat Teacher and Yeojun on their secret date to the Zoo


  2. Yoonie Teacher and Hate Teacher cutting Namwoo and Jungwoo’s hair, because they were afraid of scissors.


  3. Learning how to fly kites with the WINNER Teachers

    It’s definitely bitter-sweet to see this show ending. But maybe endings do give way to beginnings. We can’t wait for the next installment of WINNER’s EXIT series. Does the end of Half Moon Friends, mean the beginning of EXIT: X?

    We can only hope! *fangirl sighs*


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