Han Hyeri from ‘Produce 101’ Might be Debuting Soon


Yes, you heard it right, Han Hyeri from ‘Produce 101‘ might debut soon!

According to some news outlets, Star Empire is planning of debuting a girl group this summer with Han Hyeri from ‘Produce 101’ as one of the member. Han Hyeri has been one of the popular contestant on the show and even ranked 12th position in the last episode of ‘Produce 101.’ Although she wasn’t able to be a part of l.O.l, she received an offer of becoming a model for a cosmetic company and also bagged some advertisements.

Star Empire stated that they are focusing on the songs at the moment and aims to release an album within first half of the year while the dates have not been finalized. Besides Han Hyeri, Kang Sihyun and Kim Yoonji are being considered on being the fellow group members. They also added that the group formation will depend upon the concept and type of the songs.

Stay tuned for further information about the members and debut schedule.

Which other member would you like to see debuting with Han Hyeri, Kang Sihyun and Kim Yoonji?


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