Happy 10th Anniversary To BIGBANG!


The Kings of K-Pop have finally reached their 10 years of success.

BigBang, who is considered as the most successful K-Pop group in the world, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. They are one of the most respected and senior-most group in the industry who have fanboys and fangirls as idols (eg. BTS’s Jungkook, GOT7’s BamBam and many others). VIPs are now celebrating it worldwide by posting messages and videos along with fanarts all over the SNS.

Indian VIP group has also joined in the race by uploading the following video in honor of BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary which contains the love and support from whole of India.

Here’s a picture of them around their debut!
Kpop India {kpop-india}Happy 10th Anniversary To BIGBANG!bigbang debut 300x169


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