Happy Chuseok, from your favourite Idols


The mid-autumn harvest festival is something to be celebrated both in Korea, and in India (Onam). To spread some more happiness during this sweet and relaxing time with your family, here are some of our favourite idols wishing our family a Happy Chuseok!

Super Junior’s Henry and SISTAR’s Dasom singing a sweet melody!


Luhan shared a special gift for his fans on Weibo!

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VIXX’s Ken and BTS’s Jin sharing a Chuseok feast away from home, but making sure you remember just how cute they are!

{kpop-india}Happy Chuseok, from your favourite IdolsCsZfY8UVMAAFZAX


2PM’s Tacyeon shares a lovely picture with his niece, as he spends time with his family.

{kpop-india}Happy Chuseok, from your favourite IdolsCsZHbMhVYAU7OA6

And though it might not be a Chuseok-related Instagram update, here is VIXX’s Ravi sharing from news about his new girlfriend


And, as a surprise from the ever-sweet Sulli x Choiza couple, here’s them spending a romantic nighttime together for Chuseok



And to end this with the youngest one’s of the batch, here are some Chuseok greetings from Jaehyun, Taeyong and Winwin of NCT

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Source (Instagram accounts of respective idols) (2)


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