What if Heize’s Dad never allowed her to be a rapper???


Can you imagine the world where there is no K-pop idol, no K-pop music, nothing K-pop?? That’s literally a nightmare, I can’t!! What if the parents of your favourite K-idol disagreed to them becoming a singer/rapper and they agreed and lived a normal teenage/adult life? Haunting, right?? One of the strongest female rapper, Heize, was once in the same situation.

In the August 26 episode of “I Live Alone”, which airs on MBC, Heize showed us how her solo life is. She met her brother and dived into flashbacks of how she got into the K-pop industry. She mentioned that whenever she sees her brother, it reminds her of the past.

“Do you remember when dad was against me rapping? It was the first time in my life that I rebelled him.” said the rapper. In response to this, her brother replied,” I was actually more surprised when you became the Valedictorian because Dad said if you get first place in the University, he’ll let you go to Seoul.”

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Digging a little more into the memories, the siblings continued, “Mom wanted to come with you, but you wouldn’t let her.”, “That’s because if Mom came, she would have cried. I remember Seoul back at that time, though the colours are all grey, I used to have three part-time jobs in one day just to keep it together.”


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