Hwang Jung-eum considering Another MBC Drama!

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It has been reported that Hwang Jung-eum is considering a new MBC drama titled Tyrant!

Hwang Jung-eum is becoming superwoman for MBC this year. She kicked start the year with MBC drama Kill Me Heal Me and ending with She was Pretty. And now she’s in talk for another one.

Tyrant will span twenty years time. It is said to start from late 1990s. It will be a story of a man who fights against greed and find love as well. It also unmasks the ugly truth of the elite society.

The character Hwang Jung-eum is considering  is of a woman who has to take care of her autistic younger brother following their father’s death. To uncover the truth behind his father’s death, she pairs up with the male lead.

Tyrant is the next series from Jang Young-chul who has delivered Empress Ki recently. Tyrant will witness the reunion of Hwang Jung-eum and Jang Young-chul. Previously, they worked together for two SB drama, Giant and Incarnation of Money.

It will be a 50 episode drama. It is set to follow current Monday-Tuesday drama Dazzling Temptation, premiering in April.

Are you ready for another Hwang Jung-eum drama? Do Whats your favorite Hwang Jung-eum drama?


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