Hyomin Makes Comeback with “Sketch” MV

Hyomin makes hot comeback with "Sketch" MV featuring actor Nam Goong Min


After endless teasing, T-ara’s Hyomin has officially made her solo comeback with the release of her second solo album “Sketch” and the track’s music video!

The “Sketch” MV can be summed up with one word – HOT!

The track features Hyomin’s whispery vocals against a slow, relaxing beat making for an incredibly sensual and somehow fantastical dream-like listen. The music video features some blazing hot chemistry between the artist and gorgeous actor Nam Goong Min who appears to be playing a tattoo artist who Hyomin inevitably falls for.

While the video is undoubtedly sexy, it is more of a tease than an unabashed show of sexual appeal as it traces that fine line with it’s neon lights and bedroom scenes. The slow and sexy choreography is also receiving attention for it’s apt portrayal of the song’s sensual feel.

Check out the MV below!

In other news, Hyomin was recently caught up in dating rumours with baseball player Kang Jung Ho. While MBK Entertainment has already denied the reports, the artist has also spoken out about the rumours at her comeback showcase.

She shared that Kang Jung Ho (who she affectionately calls ‘oppa‘) called her when the news made headlines and they ended up laughing about it. She also added that he told her it was his first dating rumour to which she had responded that it was her first dating rumor too! She continued to say that they told each other that it was okay since the reports were not true, and that they should work just hard and not worry too much about it.

Now that the dating issue is all cleared up, how are you liking Hyomin’s comeback single “Sketch“?


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