Hyosung’s “Find Me” MV Will Make You Lose Yourself



SECRET’s Jun Hyosung’s new MV “Find me” is definitely the club jam of the month in the long list of female comebacks! Unlike usual vocals, her voice is strong and it complements the powerful beats of the song. “Find me” is the title track of her newly released album ‘Colored’ and while the song isn’t anything extraordinary, the rhythm and MV are enough to catch someone’s eye!
The MV is a classic mix of intense but poised dance sequences and a bunch of symbolism. However, the song alternates from being unapologetically fierce to the verge of begging him to hug her. She basically wants to show him what he makes her feel, how her heart is with him, what happened to her the first time she saw him. The MV shows her tied up, perhaps a symbol for her being trapped in the memories of the past. As things around her get shattered she is unsure of what to do without him, wanting him back in her life. The little part where she’s shown stripping or when she’s wandering about in the unfamiliar woods is a way to stir things up in life since “all other guys have turned boring” since she met him. D. Action’s rap was disappointingly generic though. It kind of breaks the spell of her compelling voice though the rhythm remains consistent throughout.
Even though the song is a love song, the MV hardly relates to it. It is quite sensual but in a very tasteful way. One noticeably adept thing is that the costumes and sets always harmonized with each other, they never clashed. While it might seem monotonous to some, there would’ve been too much going on screen if that weren’t the case.
While the MV is high-powered and fabulous in more than one way, it hardly stands out as something new and different. Admittedly though, the beat is quite addictive and you might find yourself humming the song for weeks to come. And if you weren’t already in love with Hyosung, her sumptuous moves and flawless expressions in the MV will surely floor you!


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