Hyun Bin Receives Casting Offer For Upcoming Movie ‘Conman’

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Hallyu star Hyun bin who is well known for his role in the drama ‘Secret Garden’ is currently considering for a role in ‘Conman’ as his next project.

Little is known about the movie plot so far. The film mainly centers around a man who loses his father and becomes a conman in order to avenge his father’s death.

This ultimate action thriller comes from the director Lee Jun ik who previously directed movie ‘King and the Clown’ which is the highest grossing Korean films of all time, and assistant director Jang Chang Won. The movie is produced by Tiger Pictures.

The film plans to get on to the set within this year once the cast is finalized.

Meanwhile Hyun Bin’s upcoming film Cooperation which is in filming process currently is expected to be release next year. If Hyun Bin signs the movie we get to see him in two different roles in 2017 one as Conman and other as North Korean Soldier.

Stay tuned for more detailed updates!


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