HyunA drops Image teaser for A’wesome

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Just last week, HyunA and Cube Entertainment released the news that HyunA will be releasing her fifth solo album coming this August. And today HyunA releases Image teaser and concept for the upcoming mini Album ” A’wesome

While the shoot happened in Bali, as she was there to represent the Kpop Act at ” Viral Fest Asia 2016 “. She is wearing a beautiful blue dress in one of the photo and another sky blue frilly top on top of her red bathing suit while on a Yacht.

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“How is it ? ” is revealed to be the title track from her album “A’wesome” and it’s said to be Hiphop genre teaming with Producer and songwriter ‘Seo Jae Woo‘ who was also part of the production of her previous solo like “Roll Deep” and “RED”.

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HyunA’s full solo Mini album will be out and up for download on all official download sites before the hard-copy of the albums will be up for sale, so you can get the tracks by 00:00 KST on August 1st.

Also notice her ear-ring and the EmoCon on her last Image teaser for the album?


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