Hyuna drops Track list and First solo Asia tour announcement.


Now this is what you call a big bang news.

HyunA, the former member of 4minute will not only be releasing her 5th Solo mini album but is going to also hold her first Solo Tour around Asia.

The now solo artist, HyunA will be touring around Taipei, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Chengdu in 2016. Cube Entertainment has scheduled HyunA with a fan meet at Taipei on September 9th, after there release of her new and fifth solo mini album  “A’wesome “.

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The album will release on August 1st, which will give her plenty of time to promote in Korea and then HyunA will head over few other Asian countries to meet and greet her fans. The target it set to reach 10,000 fans.

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If your country don’t fall under the list mention above, don’t worry because there has been sources saying the touch could be extended to more countries once the set goal mentioned have been achieved.

Along this exciting news of more energy consuming trip for HyunA, the track list of her new album has also been released for ” A’wesome”. The album include 6 tracks ‘U & Me’, ‘Do It!’, ‘Morning Glory’, ‘Seduction’, ‘Wolf and the title track ‘How is it ? ‘. Among the 6 tracks, HyunA has said have participated in writing of the lyrics in 5 of the tracks.

Kpop India {kpop-india}Hyuna drops Track list and First solo Asia tour announcement.CoQL5JqUAAA7qRJCube Entertainment is really set on promoting HyunA, though the group is no more. What do you think about that ?


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