I.O.I’s Sejong Talks About Rough Childhood on ‘As J Say’

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JTBC’s new variety show ‘As J Show’ included Kim Sejong getting in touch with her fans for a moonlit busking concert.

Sejong, who is currently a part of I.O.I and Jellyfish Entertainment’s girlgroup Gugudan, held a busking concert to promote her latest single ‘Flower Road’ that came out as a part of Jellyfish’s christmas releases. Sejong, surrounded by her ardent and lovely fans, shared bits of her childhood and how she grew up.

It is of common language that Sejong grew up in a not-so-well-off family, with her mother and older brother. She stated that growing up, her mother raised her and her brother, despite a lot of debts. Her mother worked odd jobs delivering newspapers, milk, working at an after-school learning centre and even as a home-school teacher!

“‘Our House’ was something we barely had. So we were living off our grandpa’s house, our aunt’s house and then…. for the first time we were able to get a small house where we paid rent monthly. That made me so happy that I stopped moving our luggage in and just cried.”

Sejong discusses how her tough times and her mother’s resilience has taught her to hold in her dark emotions and only show the world her smiles. She calls this her ‘dark child’ which is her inner child that holds all her dark emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration etc. She shares with her fans that because of her ‘dark child’ she could never share her secrets with friends at school or with her trainees at the company. This led to her spending a lot of time alone during school days. But with her I.O.I members, she had grown accustomed to sharing her secrets and even grew fond about the girls that she had promoted so long with.

Sejong even sang a few parts of ‘Uphill Road‘ by Yoon Jungshin, but broke down into tears in the middle of the song, reflecting on the goodbye that would soon dawn upon I.O.I and it’s members.

Though we wish that this goodbye wouldn’t come for our girls, it is inevitable. Keep strong I.O.I fans!



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