I-REN Debuts with MV Titled “Butt”


J Company Entertainment is not ‘kid’-ding around with the innocent and cutesy concept most K-pop concepts tends to follow. Rather, they went straight for more of an adult theme, as ‘I-REN‘ finally debuts with “BUTT”.

Now, the MV, hearing and reading from the title is not misleading at all, you will see the members in pretty dresses that reveals quite a good amount of their pretty their thighs…(and more, but(t) let us just give you the opportunity to witness it for yourself) and the choreography sure is befitting the title of the song as well.

I-REN consist of 4 members, if you remember them all from the show “Superstar K1”, they are ‘Kukhwa’ ,’Yoon’, ‘Boyoung’ and ‘Jin‘.

Watch the MV ” BUTT” to feel the intensity but don’t let the visual you see be their identity alone and fool you because these ladies come with amazing vocals.



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