‘Idol Chef King’ to be MBC’s Chuseok Special!


twice {kpop-india}‘Idol Chef King’ to be MBC’s Chuseok Special!twice

For the upcoming Korean holiday Chuseok, MBC will be launching their new variety show named ‘Idol Chef King’

Over 200 idols have auditioned for the preliminary round to showcase their culinary talents, but only 8 will be selected for the finals. Groups like EXO, TWICE, VIXX, NCT127, Lovelyz and BTS have been reported to have participated in this grand show.

Kim Sung Joo, known for hosting several cookery shows such as ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’ will act as the main MC bringing his culinary expertise and charming persona to the live stage. Other MC’s will be chef Kim So Hee and Lee Yeon Bok, who will be judging alongside the idol representative Hong Suk Chun.

Watch the trailer video here

An MBC representative has even stated that,”The #1 chef among Korean idols will be selected through a grand scale cooking competition. More than 200 idols have already taken part in the preliminary round.” 

We are definitely excited to finally see some of the oldest hyungs and the maknaes of different groups, competing to make amazing food. What more could a fangirl hope for?


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