If Eric Nam Is Coming to India, Which City Would It Be?


Eric Nam might have said a “Yes” and the whole Indian Twitter world is going wild.

If your November daily playlist is dominated by Before We Begin EP on repeat, we don’t blame you, as it is a must to learn the tracks before we get to sing along with Eric Nam during his Asia Tour 2020. The day, 29th of November became another most auspicious day in every Indian k-popper’s life as their favourite idol himself asked for a city to perform in India.

Eric Nam known for his charismatic personality as T.V host and his anchored solo career is inevitably one of the most loved artists in India. With his first-ever full English album been released earlier this month, Eric kept his SNS busy promoting his tracks and encouraging new listeners every day. Twitter is flooded with memes, streaming screenshots, reviews on the album became a daily routine until Eric started revealing his dates and places for his upcoming tour schedule.

Amidst the online ticket sales for the artist’s upcoming tour, a gang of followers tried expressing their interests on holding concerts in different and that is where the tweet about India popped in out of nowhere. Within seconds after receiving a tweet from Eric asking, “Which city in India though?” following another tweet, “Ok, I’m working on it,” boosted every desi k-pop fan to campaign their city names on twitter. City names as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai started flooding in tweets along with their reasons and desires on choosing the particular place.

Here are a few chosen responses from our fans!

With much hope and confidence, Indian fans have greater confidence in receiving their beloved artist soon in 2020. Are you excited in receiving Eric Nam’s Tour in India? Which city do you want him to visit? Let us know your thoughts through your comments.

Until Eric reveals about his plan to visit India, let us make sure to stream his new album Before We Begin on Spotify.

Also, enjoy watching Eric Nam react to thirst tweets by BuzzFeed. (Personally recommended) Enjoy!


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